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What is Object Oriented Programming (OOP)? || Basic OOP Concepts

Object Oriented Programming is a programming style which has concepts of classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism etc.
Basically, it’s an operation of taking input, processing the data and returning the output. OOP completely depends on objects, how they relate and how they communicate with each other in order to manipulate data.

As an object can be described as an instance of a class which can contain both variables (attributes) and functions (methods). So, the most important step is to identify the objects and to find the relationship between them.

In Object Oriented Programming, data can be accessed by the functions that are associated with those objects. This approach depends on 
Identifying objects and assigning responsibilities to these objects.Objects communicate with each other by sending messages.Messages are received by the methods of an object that in return process the data.Java, C++, Python, Ruby, Visual basic.Net etc are languages that support the concept of object-orien…